Travengers was created to give opportunities for young people who want to live life like everyone else - but not always getting the chance. 


It was inspired by the founder, Agnes, having a younger autistic sister, Elise. They grew up in Norway, where Elise went to "mainstream" schools, where she struggled to fit in and was constantly excluded, yet didn't fit in in the special needs class either. 

Today, Elise is 21 and wants to study, have friends, a job, and travel like others her age. And she needs some support to do so.

Through studying Social Education and working for several years in the disability sector, Agnes met many others in the same position. After moving from Norway to Australia to work in disability, she realised how few opportunities are out there for others like her sister to meet people and experience the world.

After a long time of preparation, Travengers was launched in Sydney in January 2020. Since then, we've run a number of exciting supported trips and social groups 
connecting young people, and have a big vision of creating opportunities across Australia.  

Ancient Ruins

Some just need a little guidance


A little push. A little hand

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To be empowered

Agnes & Elise


  • Making travel possible for young people with hidden disabilities

  • Help building social connections and independence

  • Educating about autism and hidden disabilities through travel and other channels


  • Making tourism accessible, and creating equal opportunities

  • Decreasing loneliness, anxiety and depression

  • Creating a ripple-effect of awareness and acceptance through the people we meet on our way



KINDNESS: and respect between us and everyone involved, no matter who we are and our backgrounds

CURIOSITY: To listen, and to keep learning. To seek new adventures, and to be open-minded

FREEDOM:  Creating opportunities, and empowering others to live as they wish

CONNECTION: without others, what do we have? We seek to create meaningful connections.

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Travengers in Byron Bay



Agnes completed her Bachelor as a Learning Disability Nurse/Social Educator in Norway in 2014, with a thesis on supporting youth with Aspergers in school. Her passion came from growing up with a Godfather with Down Syndrome and an autistic sister. 
She has worked a decade across a range of disability services, including accessible travel, has recently studied business and entrepeneurship, done a pre-accellerator program, and studied NLP. She is deeply passionate about respect and acceptance of differences and disabilities. She also loves exploring nature and new places.



Elise and Agnes growing up