Travengers was created to give opportunities for young people who want to live life like everyone else - but not always getting the chance. 


It was inspired by the founder, Agnes, having a younger autistic sister, Elise. Elise wants to study, have friends, a job, and travel like others her age. But some challenges makes this just a little bit harder.
Through studying Social Education and working for several years in the disability sector, Agnes met many others in the same position, and it sparked a strong motivation to make a change.

For many, travelling with other than family is a dream, that means challenges, anxiety or sensory overload. We are here to help overcome this, and make it easier to travel and enjoy life. We believe that travelling is also an amazing way to learn practical and social skills, and to become more independent.

At Travengers we strive for a society where everyone is accepted, appreciated and empoweredAnd inclusive tourism is where we start. 

Through meeting others, our dream is to create a ripple effect of acceptance and inclusion on our way.

Ancient Ruins

Some just need a little guidance


A little push. A little hand

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To be empowered

Agnes & Elise



KINDNESS: and respect between us and everyone involved, no matter who we are and our backgrounds

CURIOSITY: To listen, and to keep learning. To seek new adventures, and to be open-minded

FREEDOM:  Creating opportunities, and empowering others to live as they wish

CONNECTION: without others, what do we have? We seek to create meaningful connections.

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Travengers in Byron Bay


Agnes Abelsen


Agnes completed her Bachelor as a Learning Disability Nurse/Social Educator in Norway in 2014, with a thesis on supporting youth with Aspergers in school. Her passion came from growing up with a Godfather with Down Syndrome and an autistic sister. 
She has worked a decade across a range of disability services, including accessible travel, has recently studied Marketing & Communications, done a pre-accellerator program, and studied NLP. She's deeply passionate about respect and acceptance of differences and disabilities. She also loves exploring nature and new places.



Steph Wilson


Steph loves travelling. She has been to over 30 countries herself and helped travellers go to over 150 countries during her career.

She fell in love with the Paralympics in the lead up to Sydney 2000 and has since then travelled the world as an Australian Paralympic Supporter.

Steph is a highly experienced agent, backed by Travel Managers Australia. 

She loves exploring unique and quirky places, including cemeteries, and her bucket list is visiting any country with the letter z in its name.


Kayla Petty


Kayla grew up on the exotic island Bermuda, where she worked as a snorkel and kayak tour guide. 
She has since worked over half a decade in the advertising industry, and after moving to Sydney in 2019, she startet pursuing a more meaningful career path.
With her wealth of professional expertise and her love for travel and exploring cultures, she is now Travengers' go-to trip planner. Kayla has lived in four countries and travels to new places at every chance she gets. She is currently also helping companies making their content more accessible.

Nicole Buhrmann


Nicole absolutely loves to travel and loves sharing her passion for travelling with people around her. It gets me excited to push people to see the world as much as they can because I believe there’s so much beauty in the different cultures all over the world. She therefore fell in love with Travengers and it’s mission and values. 
Nicole is the designer of our popular newsletters and social media, and takes care of all things digital.

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Zoe Bubulj


Zoe has a strong passion for travelling and inclusion.

Having explored over 13 countries with different groups of people I gained an abundance of knowledge, independence and had the time of my life, and I would love to help others get to experience the same!

She is currently studying Business majoring in International Tourism and is excited to bring her practical knowledge and real life experience to make Travenger's mission for inclusive tourism happen.

Sophia Poulos


"My name is Sophia, I am 21 years old and am studying a business management degree at the International College of Management. I am currently Travengers new HR and business management intern. I chose to work with Travengers because I deeply resonate with the company’s core values and have a passion for travelling. Its a pleasure to be able to help make a difference in this world!"

Nicholas Lapsley


"My name is Nicholas and I'm currently studying for a Bachelor of Business (entrepreneurship). As someone with cerebral palsy and hearing loss, I have met a range of people with different types of disabilities through many different camps/trips and events. I have previous experience in organising trips personally and with my group of friends.


I'm excited to be working with Travengers as I can put my study and my experience into practice and making travel more inclusive"


All our Support Workers/guides have a minimum of First Aid Certificate, Police check, Working With Children Check, and relevant experience.
We also follow the NDIS Code of Conduct, as well as our own tour training and procedures.   

We are creating a vibrant and passionate team of
Support Workers/guides. Keen to travel while changing lives? 

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Experience and certificates required.
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